Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment Advisory Services


B-BBEE Consulting

Our consultants will perform an analysis and create a strategy to address the gaps, and an end-to-end solution to assist your business with the implementation process, taking care of the compliances which are often not met for B-BBEE.

Employment Equity Compliance

​Employment Equity is a strategic process which needs consideration and practical implementation. We are able to assist you with Employment Equity plans, Employment Equity Reports, strategy development, training and submissions.


Skills Development Facilitation

Skills Development is a priority element and quantifies the investment made towards training and developing black employees. We perform your mandatory Workplace Skills Plan (WSP);

Pivotal Plan and

Annual Training Report (ATR).

Enterprise & Supplier Development

Enterprise and Supplier development is a priority element and aims to help black owned business establish, expand or improve their business. We align your ESD and procurement strategies to achieve real transformation.

Youth Employment Service

We assist with creating and implementing Youth Employment Service (YES) Initiative strategies.

YES offers a number of tax and B-BBEE benefits, including an increase of up to 2 levels on your B-BBEE scorecard, to participating businesses while providing employment to our youth.


BEE Training

Our highly skilled staff facilitate detailed workshops on all B-BBEE legislation and any of the elements forming part of the applicable B-BBEE legislation.


We serve many great companies, including

Continental Conveyors
MB Construction Chemicals
Mighty Meats
Office Badger
Laz Attorneys
P.T.S Conveyor Idlers
E.H. Hassim Hardware

About Us


Apex Transformation Advisory is a Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment consulting and advisory firm which assists the private sector with all aspects of B-BBEE legislation.

We are a proud level 2 B-BBEE Contributor. With a combined 15 years in the BEE space, our team is well positioned to provide expert advisory and support for your organisation.

South Africa faces marked inequality, high levels of unemployment, and significant challenges to economic growth.  With transformation being complex and emotive, our goal is to play a pivotal role in facilitating meaningful and sustainable B-BBEE strategy development and implementation that will have mutual benefit for our client and all of society as well.

At Apex, our team is at the forefront of B-BBEE practices and is constantly undergoing training to ensure our clients receive a bespoke B-BBEE solution that addresses not only compliance but true transformation.

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